Five Reasons to Use Google Drive as a Student

You may be familiar with Dropbox or iCloud, but as far as cloud storage goes, Google Drive is by far my favorite provider. Here are five reasons why:

  1. You can create documents right from the drive.

Google Drive is equipped with applications that allow users to create documents directly inside the drive. A few examples of the applications available include Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Many cloud services require you to create a document using software on your computer before uploading it to the cloud. Google Drive cuts out this extra step. Additionally, if you prefer to create documents using something like MicrosoftGoogleDrive Word or Excel, you have the option to save those documents directly to the drive. All you need to do is install the Google Drive App onto your device. This will create a Google Drive folder on your device, which will automatically sync up with the online version of Google Drive. Any documents that you save into the folder will be automatically sent to the cloud, and any changes that you make to those documents in the folder will be automatically updated in Google Drive.

  1. You can access your files from anywhere.

You might prefer to create your documents using a desktop computer, but use a tablet when you’re on the go. If your files are stored in Google Drive you can transition between devices seamlessly, as it’s available on multiple platforms. This takes the worry out of losing another flash drive or not being able to find that one email that has information you need out of the thousands you receive.

  1. It’s attached to your other Google accounts.

You probably already have a YouTube or Gmail account, which means you already have access to Google Drive. Why not use what you already have? Additionally, if you use Gmail you have the option to save things directly from your email to Google Drive. Your days of hunting through countless email to find the document that your classmate sent you to contribute to your group project are over!

  1. It’s great for collaboration.

Group projects can be daunting if you do not have the correct tools at your disposal, and this is especially true in an online setting. Sending the same PowerPoint presentation back and forth with your groupmates dozens of times can clog up your inbox and cause confusion. Google Drive allows you to share documents with other people and facilitates collaboration. You can create your presentation right in the Drive, and then give editing power to people in your group. It will even show you which part each person contributes or makes changes to. This will allow you to keep your project in one place, and reduce the clutter of your inbox.

  1. It’s FREE!!!!

College is expensive. Between tuition, books, and other day-to-day expenses, having to pay for a service can make or break your decision to use it. Luckily, Google Drive provides users with up to 15GB of storage space for FREE!! If 15GB isn’t enough space for you, there is also an option to upgrade to 100GB for the low cost of $1.99 per month. That’s less expensive than getting one latte at Starbucks!

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